Community Projects

All of Juma’s community projects aim to provide opportunities for both the community and its people to grow and advance. Each project is a permanent investment that creates a positive result in uplifting the community. All of our projects rely on volunteers who wish to take part in giving back to the community. Juma Tours offers a variety of different projects from painting, gardening or working with children. Explore all of our available projects below!


Each community project relies on donation and volunteering in order to sustain the work being done. If you would like to make a donation please click here.


To participate in one of projects please contact Juma

Woodstock Mural Project

This community project gives an opportunity for local kids to take part in art workshops and start making their own art. It is also a project that involves the artists to participate in creating new murals throughout Woodstock.


Woodstock Learn to Skate

This project allows local kids to learn how to skate with one of our local guides who is passionate about skating. Learning how to skate gives these kids an opportunity to engage in sports after school instead of getting into trouble.


Woodstock Child Hike and Cycle

Living in Cape Town we are surrounded by beautiful mountains and nature. This project gives an opportunity for local teenagers to hike with us and participate in our cycling programs.

Woodstock Learn to Cycle

Ours learn to cycle program gives females of all ages an opportunity to learn how to bike.through partnership with


Khayelitsha Mural Project

This project can be completed by local and international artists and guests. Within this project, we paint murals that inspire, educates and tell stories throughout Khayelitsha.  


Khayelitsha Home Garden Project

Our home gardening project is a form of responsible tourism in which guests can create home gardens for the community and families to control their food supply and grow their own food.


The Story Room Creatives 

The Story room creative is one of our baby artistic project that we give an opportunity to local artists and tell their stories in many different ways, this project was founded to support the local artists through tourism and all tours that go to Khayelitsha have an opportunity to visit the Space.



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